Products Résine are a reflection of your personality

In the development, a team of professionals cooperates together with a timeless production background. An essential component in the creation of these exceptional products is the hand of the master of design Lukáš Taneček, which breathes life into any concept. Therefore, even our motto is based on the standpoint that the fantasy of our customer is always a new challenge for us.

We are Résine

We have always been attracted by new challenges and goals. We have been engaged in the production of sanitary fittings of bathrooms for many years, and we have gained a lot of experience and achieved quite a lot of success in this field.

As manufacturers of washbasins and bathtubs made of artificial stone, we have reached the top level in the Czech Republic, and we are suppliers of products for world renowned trademarks, which attest to the top quality of our products. We could stay in this position easily, just maintaining it, but that is not good enough for us. As admirers of good design, we have decided to establish a new company which will manufacture unique design pieces for your bathrooms; and not just bathtubs, washbasins and toilets, but interesting accessories and furniture as well. We collaborate with new designers who are preparing exquisite and inventive collections. The trademark uses the name RÉSINE, which means resin in French, the principal component in the mixture which forms the bodies of our products. The symbol in the logotype is the letter S, which grows upwards and which transforms from coarse natural material into a perfect curve – a symbol of moulding of our bathtubs and washbasins in the moulds.

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Bathtub Paire

Bathtub Paire assembled from artificial stone and natural wood.
Bathtub Paire assembled from artificial stone and natural wood.
Bathtub Paire assembled from artificial stone and natural wood.

Washbasin Paire

Washbasin Paire assembled from artificial stone and natural wood.
Washbasin Paire assembled from artificial stone and natural wood - detail.
Washbasin Paire assembled from artificial stone and natural wood - detail.

Bathtub and washbasin Paire

Set of a bathtub and washbasins made of two different materials. Up to now, nobody has tried this concept – assembly of artificial stone and natural wood. The stone part made by means of a mould is read into the data by a 3D scanner, and a CNC milling machine manufactures the wooden section which fits into it with absolute accuracy. The combination of these materials, as well as of pure white with dark wood is very unusual and provocative.

Washbasin Paire – 36,200 CZK / 1,340 €

Bathtub Paire – 282,400 CZK / 10,495 €

All-wood bathtubs and washbasins

All-wood washbasin Wave


Standalone wooden bathtub and washbasins of quality oak. The final surface finish requires a high share of manual work.

Washbasin Wave – 59,700 CZK / 2,170 €

Bathtub Wave – 801,340 CZK / 29,140 €

All-wood washbasin Horizont


Wooden washbasins with an absolutely perfect surface finish, consisting of as many as 12 layers of nano varnish.

Washbasin Horizont – 59,700 CZK / 2,170 €

All-wood washbasin Elypse
All-wood washbasin Elypse – blue


Very creative range of bathtubs and washbasins milled from 2 cm high oak strips, the grid of which emphasizes the dynamic shapes.

Washbasin Elypse – 59,700 CZK / 2,170 €

Bathtub Elypse – 829,150 CZK / 30,151 €


They look like objects, but they are not. They look like fountains, but they are not. They are space vitalizing artefacts.

mobile object Aquacoans
mobile object Aquacoans
mobile object Aquacoans


It’s applied art. There is a “Material - medium” existing all around us and within. It can flow, float or keep shape. Smell, burn, taste, mirror or carry. Be eaten or drunk…selflessly and without a word. It can give or take Life with its naturalness.
It’s water. A great friend of Man!
Aquacoans – mobile objects. Small, bigger or large, made from a range of materials.


Aquacoans – 21,000 CZK / 858 €

Table Pātangue

Table Pātangue
Table Pātangue
Table Pātangue
Table Pātangue
Table Pātangue - leg detail
Table Pātangue - board
Table Pātangue - board
Table Pātangue - board
Table Pātangue - board

Table Pātangue

The technology of artificial stone and its possibilities have given birth to the idea of creating a table which will include an inbuilt bowl for fruit or vegetables, making it unique. The thickness of the material is drawn under the board, and consequently, the table looks as if the board were only a few millimetres high. In four places, the table opens into the points where wooden legs will be installed, connecting with the stone shapes accurately. The table creates the effect of one organic entity, formed nonetheless by two different materials – stone and wood. Both the stone and the legs can be engrained, thus producing interesting shade dialogues.

Products variety

  • Marble top – wooden table legs (oak)
  • Wooden top (oak) – stainless steel table legs
  • Wooden top (oak) – marble table legs
  • Marble top – marble table legs
  • Concrete top – wooden table legs (oak)

The choice of colours and shades is optional.

The table includes varnished wooden bowls that fit the sags in the top.


  • length 164 cm × width 79 cm × height 88 cm
  • length 180 cm × width 95 cm × height 88 cm

Table Pātangue (164 cm) – 114,500 CZK / 4,241 €

Table Pātangue (180 cm) – 119,400 CZK / 4,422 €

Table Pont – coffee table

Table Pont
Table Pont
Table Pont - detail

Table Pont – coffee table


  • length 120 cm × width 60 cm × height 48 cm

Table Pont – 45,200 CZK / 2,025 €

Speakers Colonne

Speakers Colonne
Speakers Colonne - detail

Speakers Colonne – 68,200 CZK / 3,056 €

Clock Cercle

Clock Cercle
Clock Cercle - detail

Clock Cercle – 4,800 CZK / 215 €

Gramophone Son

Gramophone Son
Gramophone Son

Gramophone Son – 19,500 CZK / 874 €

Rocking chair Coquille

Rocking chair Coquille
Rocking chair in interior
Rocking chair Coquille - detail
Rocking chair Coquille - detail

Rocking chair Coquille

The suspended rocking chair is based on the simple shape of an egg. It is formed by a shell of composite in varied shades, and also new technologies of textiles embedded in resin. Into the shell there is mounted elaborate upholstery, the colour of which is either in contrast or in harmony with respect to the shell. An interesting technical detail is the attachment of suspension cables.

Rocking chair Coquille – 49,600 CZK / 1,837 €

Products as concrete imitation

Polymer concrete material is coloured with the use of grey pigment that creates exact shade of concrete. It passes all requirements of ITC Zlin. With its non-porous surface the quality of the material exceeds present producers of concrete. Such surface treatment also ensures high hygienic conditions. Additionally, almost no absorbability makes our material very special in contrast to traditional concrete products.

Washbasin Orione

Washbasin Orione

Washbasin Orione

Washbasin Orione – 11,900 CZK / 433 €

Prices do not include VAT; Quantity discounts: 5 – 10 pcs discount 2%; 10 – 20 pcs discount 4%; 20 pcs and more discount 7%; Warranty 24 months; Lead time is 5 – 8 weeks.


  • Products’ design solutions
  • Interier designs (offices, appartments, bathrooms)
  • Creation of 2D, 3D documentation
  • Custom-made production


We work at the limits of possibilities of the material, and therefore, we obtain perfect and sharp curves and edges.

The unique nature of such material as the imitation marble and the manufacturing technology allow the designers to use their creativity to the maximum. We work at the limits of possibilities offered by the material, and thanks to that we obtain perfect and sharp curves and edges. There are almost no limits to our fantasy. Long, elongated lines, sharp declines which suddenly loosen the play of light and shade, contrast and softness. Our designers work with all these possibilities. The primary visions arise in our ideas, followed by design sketches, work in 3D programs; afterwards, there are corrections of shapes, and an exquisite product has come into the world.

chair: a study


bathtub Prive: a study

Bathtub Prive: a study

bathtub Paire: a study

Bathtub Paire: a study

bathtub Empire: a study

Bathtub Empire: a study

bathtub Plate: a study

Bathtub Plate: a study

washbasin Plate: a study

Washbasin Plate: a study

bathtub Sinusoide: a study

Bathtub Sinusoide: a study

bathtub Coude: a study

Bathtub Coude: a study


The basic raw material is limestone, bonded by resin. The imitation marble does not have the negative properties of natural marble. It is not cold, it has an absolutely perfect surface, and it can be treated chemically in whatever manner. It is also more resistant to environmental factors. For the manufacture of products, moulds are employed, and models for the moulds are created on the most perfect CNC mill; in this manner, absolute perfection of the surface and edges is achieved. The material can be engrained, in order to adapt it to your interior. The material is not porous and it complies with the highest hygiene demands. We are also the first firm to combine this material with another one, e.g. with wood, in close cooperation with the firm T-Design. As far as the surface is concerned, interesting details, logos and jewels can be implanted into it. Here too it holds true that the only limit is our imagination.

production from imitation marble
production from imitation marble
production from imitation marble



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